Who We Are
ICG Mecos® (www.infocreditgroup.com) successfully combines over 40 years of knowledge and experience, with enthusiasm, fresh ideas and pioneering attitudes.
Established in 1968 as Middle East Commercial Services (MECOS) and now forming ICG Mecos®, we have developed lasting relationships, whilst nurturing new partnerships, as we continue to grow alongside our clients. At ICG Mecos® we continue to develop innovative credit information solutions and resourceful services that meet the specific needs of our clients.
What We Do
We know how quickly the business environment can change, but our understanding of the dynamic nature of the industry and a flexible attitude means we can address requirements worldwide and provide specialised solutions tailored to each client’s requirements. We source all available information from both public and private databases, official registries, internet research, media research, local merchant sites, local business sites and global business databases, while our extensive local presence and world-wide network, allow us to provide quality information products, relevant to each country, industry and client.
Why Depend On Us
Over the years, we have developed distinct competencies in a number of areas so that you can rely on the business information products we provide.

The physical presence we hold in each of the countries we specialize in means we understand the information availability in each region.

Our local knowledge and understanding of languages, laws, customs, culture, economy and commercial parameters, give us the advantage in having enriched products and services with reliable and relevant business information.

We launch a fresh investigation in order to provide current and reliable information. We believe each report warrants a fresh investigation, allowing you confidence in our business information products.

Our credit-scoring system takes into account both qualitative and quantitative variables thus providing you with a sophisticated credit assessment suggestion reflecting each countries business environment.

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