Reporting Methodology
The reporting methodology adopted by ICG Mecos® ensures that all reports are prepared according to specific criteria and meet pre-determined parameters governing quality.
Below are the basic steps that we undertake during our investigations.

The subject whether a legal entity or private individual, is identified.

All available information concerning the subject is retrieved from official sources.

Supplementary screenings through proprietary databases and global subscription sites are conducted to obtain additional information.

Desk research including checks for published media articles is conducted.

In the case of a legal entity, an interview is conducted with a relevant principal of the subject (this stage can be eliminated depending on specific requirements of the client).

All information obtained is processed and collated into a report, which then undergoes a thorough quality check before being sent to the client.
During the assessment of a company, we take into account multiple factors, including financial and non-financial parameters to provide an indicative assessment of the subject. In the case of a credit report, this assessment allows us to calculate a maximum credit suggestion based on quantitative data including official financial statements or the subjects issued capital.

We take into account a range of variables including length of operations, number of employees, availability of assets, affiliated companies and market reputation.
Specialised Investigations
Please note for specialised investigations and due diligence, the procedures vary according to each client’s specific requirements.
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